About us

Established in 2008, Crea has graduated from being a 2 person business centre, time share office to a multinational sourcing agency and a manufacturing enterprise serving over 400 clients in 18 countries, 4 continents and 7 different time zones. All we ever want to do is to create the coolest, the trendiest and “wow” inducing merchandise for your brand and we work very hard at it. Crea aspires to be the best name in brand merchandising arena in the world and we plan to get there with a little nudge, push & a lot of support from our clients. Keep hitting us up with the most challenging of your projects.



Upkar S Sharma

Founder and Ol’ Man of the team, Upkar has been living CREA since its inception and focuses on group strategy, expansion & finances. Passionate about travel, reading, movies and building a nice collection of alcohol that he loves to serve visitors to his home, he is found diving on holidays, at client’s offices while traveling for work and walking his dogs when home.


Vikram Nikkam

Adventure Junkie, Jeep enthusiast, luxury retail aficionado, wanna be boutique hotelier & CREA’s original Enfant terrible Vik wears many hats, instrumental in setting up CREA international operations and sourcing hub in HK & China, Vik works out of Dubai and looks after project management and middle-east markets. When not at work he is found sporting a baseball cap & in his worn out sneakers at airline ticket desks, completing the most important task on his bucket list “traveling the world”.


Praveen Premkumar

The voice of reason in Team CREA. Praveen is obsessed with customer delight. An avid learner with a perfectionist streak he settles nothing short of the perfect response, product and delivery for customers. Dedicated to optimization of resources and process, Praveen diligently spearheads India operations for CREA along with being instrumental in opening of new verticals for the company. A movie buff, he is still waiting for that elusive offer to act in a movie that will make him the new South Indian Superstar. Till then you can find him obsessing over how to give you the “wow” feel, if you are his client.

Our clients

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